County Prominence

Maintained by Edward Earl.

This site provides prominence information by county.

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Most fully listed states provide two tables. The first provides the prominence of each county high point. The second provides the most prominent point in each county. Both tables are sorted by prominence.

A similar list of state prominences is also available.

When a county has more than one candidate for the high point or most prominent point, all possibilities are listed. If the candidates compete for the same prominence, they are listed in the same row of cells in the table. If they are separate prominences, they are listed in separate rows of cells.

There are specific rules for cases in which a prominent summit is on or very near a county line.

A progress map shows which counties in the USA have their most prominent points determined. For each state, the cutoff down to which all county prominence points in the state have been determined is shown.

A Front Runners List of individuals who have climbed the largest numbers of county prominence points is available.